We need to have a serious conversation about the Torchwood Hub because I keep seeing shit that pisses me off.

First things first, YOU DON’T JUST STROLL INTO THE CENTRAL, UNDERGROUND HUB. There isn’t some door on the outside where you can just pop in, you can’t just take the elevator down unless you know how to open the hidden door. Stop just having your characters randomly ‘pop in’ the Hub because unless they get brought in by one of the Torchwood team members or unless you specifically have Jack’s vortex manipulator to use the lift outside.

Secondly, CHILDREN DO NOT WORK FOR TORCHWOOD. — What do y’all think this is? This is not a job someone sixteen, seventeen or eighteen year old would be doing; Jack was well out of his teenage years when he began working for Torchwood. No one under 21 is getting in the hub. Flat out. More specifically, Jack would NEVER FUCKING E V E Rlet his kids work there. I’m just bothered by the fact I keep seeing love children (which is also something that bugs me, but that’s a conversation for a different post) who are fucking kids with bios like “I’m [blah blah name] Harkness I’m [blah bullshit kiddy age] and I work for Torchwood 3.


Just.. Can we not. The hub isn’t some free for all.




Well, if it isn’t Mr. Delicious Dino Nuggets himself.

——— Why be in love when cheese balls and chicken fries exist?

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Hi. My name is Jey and I started my senior year off blowed as fuck.

I feel horrid and the idea of school doesn’t make me feel any better

actually thats not true that was such a dick thing to say like if u wANNA BE mad then GO ahead just always love me. pls. yeah. love u . xoxoxo OXOXOXxOX

you smell like a wet barbie doll

So… I smell like wet plastic? I know I just came out of the rain and all.